About channel

Internet-TV channel Astana EXPO TV is a unique media resource. Therefore everyone can become a participant of colorful events taking place on the territory of the international exhibition «Energy of the Future».

For this it is enough to go to www.astanaexpo.tv and connect to the live broadcast.

Every day we talk about everything that happens in the EXPO-city, about the best Start projects of EXPO-2017, famous guests and spectacular productions.

On the air of the channel are the programs of the company “News”, “Interview”, “Technologies of the future”, “Guests of EXPO”, “No comments”, “Mood at EXPO”, “Blitz-poll”, “EXPO poster”, “Press about EXPO”, “Special Reportage” and many others.

We create content in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

You can connect to the TV channel in any country. Broadcasting covers both domestic and foreign audience.

Plunge into the atmosphere that reigns on the territory of EXPO-city!

Astana EXPO TV! Charge up the energy of the future!