At the exhibition EXPO-2017 you can meet people who have come from all over the world. Among them, a resident of the United States, who came to Astana at the call of her idol.
Patrice Grullion came from the city of Los Angeles. According to her, every time after the performance, Dimash says: “Welcome to Kazakhstan!” And these words became decisive for the fan of the popular singer.
She plans to stay in Kazakhstan for three months. During this time she will study the Kazakh language, get acquainted with the culture and traditions of our country.
The fan has already visited the university, where he studies Dimash. Now, he plans to go to Almaty for his performance, and in Aktobe to see with his own eyes the places where his favorite singer was born and grew up.
Patrice noted that she had never been in fan clubs before, but now she is a member of the fan club “Dimash USA” and the speaking club “Dimash Kudaibergenov” in Los Angeles. Fan clubs Dimash Dostar (Almaty) and EurasianFanClub (Astana) happily joined her .
“I want the people of Kazakhstan to understand how Dimash influenced the whole world. He united different cultures, countries, people of all ages and statuses. We all became like brothers and sisters, “says Patrice.